About Cargoland

Cargoland is a series of five radio stories conceived, written, and produced by award-winning radio producer Lu Olkowski.

Lu was inspired by the work of writer Joseph Mitchell, particularly his book, “The Bottom of the Harbor.” It is a series of short stories that are connected by a place: New York’s fabled waterfront.

Lu Olkowski

Lu Olkowski

Cargoland tells the stories of the people anchored to the waterfront community of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. We hope that with each story, listeners gain a more intimate understanding of America’s largest port of call.

In order to bring her series to life, Lu teamed up with KCRW’s Independent Producer Project, which is committed to supporting the work of independent radio producers.

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Cargoland Credits:

Radio Series:

Reported, written and produced by Lu Olkowski
Edited by Sean Cole, Samara Freemark, Brendan Baker and Amanda Aronczyk
Additional editing by Samara Freemark and Amanda Aronczyk
Sound design and mix by Brendan Baker
Voice direction by Kerrie Hillman recorded by Paul Ruest at Argot Studios
Voice direction by Pejk Malinovski recorded by Tyler Whitlatch at CDM Studios
Voice direction by Brendan Baker recorded by Adam Weiss at Mix One Studios
Transcribing by Sharon Segers
Archival footage from the Los Angeles Harbor Department


Reporting and photography by Lu Olkowski
Home Page and Big Ships headline images by Bill Sharpsteen
Site Design and development by Natalie MacLees
Additional research, writing and reporting by Jenny Radelet and Caitlin Shamberg
Site Art Direction by Megan Gersch and Sean Habibi
Additional Editing by Sonya Geis

Project Manager: Jenny Radelet
Digital Content Editor: Caitlin Shamberg
KCRW Program Director: Gary Scott
Director of Digital Media: Nathan Lubeck

KCRW Production/Editorial Support: Sonya Geis, Avishay Artsy, Bob Carlson, Saul Gonzalez, Connie Alvarez, Tyler Hale, JC Swiatek, Chery Glaser, Darrell Satzman, Steve Chiotakis, Gary Scott, Andrew Walsh, Gregg Lewis, Rob LaFond, Monika Scott.

A big thanks to Marjorie Bellhouse, Lloyd Cederstrand, Connie Cheney, Jacob Conrad, Anayansi Diaz-Cortes, Harriet Ells, Tara Fansler, Matt Holzman, Jacobsen Pilot Service, Trey Kay, Sarah Lilley, Matson Navigation, Pejk Malinovski, Lulu Miller, Adele Morgan, National Lines Bureau, Ryan Noyes, Tom O’Brien, Kara Oehler, Tony Salcido, Anna Sale, Phillip Sanfield, Bill Sharpsteen, Laura Starecheski, Lea Thau, Nancy & Joe Utovac at Utros, Gregory Warner, Gretchen Williams, Art Wong, Jeremiah Zagar, Ken Roberts at US TradeNumbers, Alex Hallajian, Savvas Kampouridis at Marine Traffic, a very helpful friend at Maersk and everyone who works at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.